My Journey to Financial Freedom

Here are my own progress reports with monthly updates on my savings accounts, investments, and debts.  I hope you find some inspiration to track your finances and move to financial freedom, find reassurance that you are doing something or anything better then me, or are here just to root me on.  My initial link is for my account balances in October 2018 and I will build on this every month going forward as I move toward being able to be free of debt and the need to work.

August 2019 – Walking the Plank

July 2019 – Net Worth Negative… Nope!

June 2019 – Sun and Time for a Dip

May 2019 – Investment Flowers Blooming

April 2019 – Savers aren’t fools!

March 2019 – Picking Back Up

October 2018 – The start of the journey (kind of…)