Early Retirement

June 2019 – Sun and Time for a Dip

You have to love the volatility of the stock market.  Just last month I was praising the ride north toward a net worth of $0!  Now we have fallen off quite a bit due to some bad bounces in the overall market and some individual mistakes in investing.

Savings Accounts:  Changes in the savings accounts had a lot of offset contributions from stocking up on dog food, home maintenance purchases, and some fun.  Our Emergency Fund took a hit resulting from a broken over the range microwave costing ~$400 to replace.  This would have been another $200-300 if we went with a professional installation, but luckily I like to do all most home repairs myself.  We also took out $1400 from the Kid Fund to add $1000 to my wife’s Roth IRA and $400 for baby supplies and baby presents for family.  The decision to use some to fund the IRA was due to our projected day care expenses being met with our current balance + $500 per month into that fund.

Investments:  Here we saw a 19k loss in unrealized gains, which was disappointing as I wanted to clear that net worth positive territory.  We stuck to the normal routine with contributions, but did make some epic fail trades that I am going to be holding onto for awhile.  My Traditional IRA is mostly split with Kraft Heinz Corp and Tesla, which have been resoundingly bad.  I am going to keep the long positions in both.  On the reverse side, I’ve had an equally strong trade that I turned into some realized gains in the Roth IRA by selling Scotts Miracle Grow.  I still have around 50 shares of that in my IRA and will be looking to sell the rest this summer primarily allocating the proceeds between Vanguard ETFs.

June Update


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