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Corporate Buzzwords 1.. Ugh


I was leaving work last Thursday and a middle aged woman was pacing on the phone in front of the turnstiles to exit the building.  As I approached I thought that this was an odd position to be taking a phone call and coming closer I overheard her conversation for a few seconds.  Apparently she was asked some question about hiring internal candidates indicating that she worked in Human Resources.  Her comment back essentially said nothing… paraphrasing she said..

In order to be proactive on our pipeline, we need ensure we meet our deliverables to the core stakeholders so I need to circle back on a few of the initiatives.  Let’s take that offline.

As I am always carrying thoughts of FIRE, I realized how much I would love to move away from corporate jargon and the wasted words and time.  To me, her sentence said absolutely nothing and yet there’s tons of money being spent on saying nothing everyday across the corporate world.  It just is so cringe!

circle  I find it comical to hear some of the most common ones used throughout my work day, but at other times it creates some resentful feelings.  My current boss dishes out the “circle back” line almost every time that I have a 1:1 meeting with him.  We spend a lot of time at my company going in a circle to talk about the same thing week after week.


reach outAnother one I see frequently in emails is someone telling someone else that they are going to “reach out” to someone else, which always puts Depeche Mode song Personal Jesusin my mind and I finish it  with the rest of the lyrics.

What are some of the best aka worst buzzwords you are forced to listen to on a daily basis at work?





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