Journey to FI

May 2019 – Investment Flowers Blooming

I think I can speak for all investors in saying that it has been a great month for the stock market on the whole!  I had a couple of interesting conversations earlier this year with people who were most interested in timing the stock market and pulled out of investments late 2018 in anticipation for a bear market in 2019.  That has turned out to be disastrous as the market drops in December 2018 have been met with a strong resurgence.  If the market continues to run this way, our net worth will turn positive, which will be a cool milestone to reach!

This update in May saw some additional contribution made to our HSA by my employer following the addition of Baby Pro Finance to my health insurance.  That’s one cool perk that hopefully will remain in place as the insurance works itself out on the hospital bills from the birth!  Aside from that, I had some remaining funds from the bonus that we added to my wife’s Roth IRA.

The new account listed is for Baby Pro Finance 529 College Plan.  I spent a good amount of time researching available accounts and decided to write a post describing what to consider in making the best choice to save for a child’s college education.

We spent about most of the money out of our vacation, home improvement, and dog savings accounts.  We have a couple of flights we are purchasing for a week vacation this summer, which will eat up the remaining funds.  Overall, I was blown away to see the market gains and how that has grown our investments!

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