Journey to FI

April 2019 – Savers aren’t fools!

We are getting back into the swing of things and this has been an extraordinary month in the life of Mr. and Mrs. Pro Finance.  We continued to make our expected contributions across the board and have been enjoying a continued bull market and ride upward with the rest of the stock market.  My overall portfolio has been updated slightly and I think I’ll just maintain a static page for that over time along with a historical log for past trades.

I’m very happy that we were able to avoid adding to the credit card debt this month and hope we can do it again next month.  As I mentioned this was an exciting month for our family as we welcomed Baby Pro Finance into the world and also took a vacation.  The vacation led us to spend a lot of the dog fund and Spring home maintenance ate up the early portion of savings for our home repair.  The condo rental will also need to have a fence repaired and painted, which will either be a cost of around $300 or at least half a day of time on an upcoming weekend.  Most of these will be shown on next month’s status update.

I’m excited to see the 401k balance inching up closer to 200k.  That and a total investment across all accounts of 300k are the next big milestones I am excited to meet.  Being consistent in the savings and investing will help us get there!

april update


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