Welcome to the Pro Finance Zone

The Pro Finance Zone is the next step of my financial journey that began in December 2011.  At that time I began to take a greater interest in my personal finance and financial future.  Along the way, I was able to learn how to invest and how not to invest through mistakes and successes that helped define my position today.  I hope you enjoy my insights on personal finance.

My goal is to provide a realistic view in working toward financial independence with experiences and tips for any audience or reader.  I hope that you will find something that will help you along your journey or have some information that you can share to benefit me.  I’m always looking to learn and improve myself.  In regard to this blog, I am treating this as an outlet where I can cite my opinion on today’s financial topics.  Any items in this blog are merely my opinion and should not be cited as your financial advice and I am not responsible for any outcomes or risk that you bear as a result of your financial decision.

With that said, I am excited to kick this thing off!  My only expectation is that by sharing my stories, I will continue to improve myself and hopefully add something positive to another person!



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